Friday February 24th - (Christ Episcopal Church - 118 S Bois D Arc Ave)

4:00pm – Registration during "Another Week Ends: MockingCast" live recording.

4:30pm – Music – Robert Finney and The Ad Hawks

5:00pm – Welcome - Jeff Fisher and Matt Magill

5:15pm – Paul Zahl -  "How Low Can You Go? : The Soul of The Gospel?"

6:15 pmStanley's BBQ Dinner - Off Square Tyler (221 S. Broadway)

7:00pm - El Guapo Records/Moon River Naturals/Light Box Collective Block Party

8:30pm - Liz Vice in Concert w/ The Magills & Co.

Saturday February 25thThe Foundry (202 S. Broadway Ave.)

8:00am – Resurrection and Records - Matt Magill (B3 Ministries) & Aristeo Rodriguez (El Guapo Records)

9am – Communion Service w/ Liz Vice and The Magills & Co. provided by SOLA Bread

10am – Sarah Condon - "Dear Reformation, It's Not You, It's Me: Theology We Love to Hate"

11:15am – Breakout sessions at The Foundry Coffee House/Bethel Bible:

* Mark Braaten (Our Savior's Lutheran): "Sin Boldy?  Really?" (2nd Floor)

* David Zahl (Mockingbird Ministries): "You Complete Me?  Grace, Loneliness and The Religion of Romance" (3rd Floor)

12pm – Food Truck Lunch

1:30pm –  Breakout sessions at The Foundry Coffee House/Bethel Bible Church:

* Ricky Garner (New Days Community Church): "What's Really Goin' On? Sight Through Surrender" (2nd Floor)

*  Randy Randall (Kalos Foundation) & Mary McCleary (Featured Artist): "What Sort of World? Trivial Expressions of the Transcendent" (3rd Floor)

2:30pm – Paul Zahl: Viva La Resistance: Personal and Pastoral Resistance to Grace

3:30pm - Panel Discussion

4pm - Conference Close and Sneak Peak into next year's conference!

5-9pm - Open Taps at True Vine Brewery w/ The Magills & Co. (219 S. Englewood)